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Avalanche Insights

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More Talent of Color

An 85% People of Color talent pool that trumps industry norms

More BIPOC Data

Nuanced data-collection that zeros in on diverse consumer and voter habits

More Insight, Faster

Rapid survey & message results to inspire bold action

More Trusted Content

Tested and nuanced creative built to engage diverse targets

More identity-powered solutions for the future of impact


A—B Services

Our partnerships are structured to meet the needs of our clients, with a full service offering to leverage as needed or as longer-term strategic consultant and implementation partners.

For custom pricing or to learn more reach out to our Partnerships Team at partnerships@abpartners.co

Identity-Powered Insights:

Available in single round, multiple round, or always-on war-room-style listening instruments

Rapid Response Testing

Get the insights you need to respond to an urgent or emergent moment. Gauge voter perceptions on rapidly developing current events. This streamlined survey has both open- and close-ended questions and can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.

Issue & Audience Insights

Design and field a listening instrument to achieve your goals. Solve complex messaging challenges by mapping open-ended priorities, emotions, values, and beliefs to quantitative positions on issues and policies. Achieve the depth of open-ended listening, with the confidence of representative scale.

IPD Audience Segmentation

Precisely identify distinct segments within your target audience or micro-targeted voter universe. Learn about the best strategies for each segment based on demographics, psychographics, and behaviors like voting history and brand affinity.

Attitudinal Voter Profile Development

Make the voter file work for you. Build attitudinal voter profiles from a broad range of demographic and psychographic data to better explain the deeply held values and “why” behind voters’ beliefs. Incorporate open-ended and emotional data and map voter profiles to data points currently used for targeting, including demographic, voter file, and modeled data.

Deep Listening: Focus Groups, Metaphor Elicitation, Digital Ethnography and UI/UX Research

Directly observe your precise target audience in real time. Our listening instruments elicit robust responses that uncover audience decision-making processes along with their emotions, drivers and beliefs so that you deeply engage on political ideology, key issues or best messages.

Narrative & Message Testing

Understand which message works best—and why. Test storyboards or messaging concepts to gather actionable feedback and refine messaging. In addition to capturing conventional ad testing metrics, our open-ended questions identify the most memorable, impactful, or persuasive part of an ad, or the reason for an emotional response.

Ad & Content Testing

Optimize your campaign with rigorous testing to reveal the most effective creative content. Unlock key insights to help you craft, tweak, and broadcast demonstrably effective campaign content to persuade or mobilize your audience.

Identity-Powered Campaign Development:
Executive Embed

We are a team of problem solvers but often we find that some leaders first need strategic help identifying the problem and defining the best path forward to a solution. For those leaders we offer our Executive Embed, which allows your team access to our expert practitioners to provide strategic consultation to observe your work, identify opportunity areas, advise on short-term challenges and collaboratively design the path ahead to build a long-term engagement that will produce the impact needed for a winning strategy.

Campaign Strategy

Construct a campaign strategy that can defy cultural conventions. Our sharp, intuitive strategists articulate breakthrough insights— drawn from expansive landscape analysis, resonant messaging frameworks and deep knowledge of movements, organizations and brands. We marry strategic insights, tactical opportunities, and the results of our targeted message testing to provide a foundational perspective on which messaging and branding will most powerfully and persuasively resonate with your audiences.

Campaign Brand

Bring your campaign strategy to life with an iconic visual identity. Our award-winning studio translates strategic attributes into a visual identity through logo design, typography, imagery, brand style, color palettes, graphic design systems, sound design, iconography and motion studies. We approach brand storytelling through a deep-dive in naming, messaging, voice, tone, character and language. Once the form is developed, we create systems and guidelines to ensure consistency and usability across all applications.

Campaign Creative

Express your visual identity across all creative touchpoints. Wherever the campaign lives, we will design it: social media, video, websites and microsites, digital advertising, environmental signage and wayfinding, on-site events, merchandise and swag, presentation templates and more.

Identity-Powered Campaign Activation:
Campaign Launch

Reach audiences at scale and with nuance. Our launch strategies can include partner and influencer engagement, content strategies and toolkits, media and amplification, training and workshops and mechanisms for tracking and reporting.

Ad Placement and Optimization

We amplify our breakthrough creative through an integrated channel strategy to reach diverse audiences with unprecedented scale and nuance. Our team works in lockstep with our media partners on planning, launch, optimization and reporting.

Ready to redesign how power works and who it works for?

Reach out to our Partnerships Team at partnerships@abpartners.co to learn more.