Equality Fund Rebrand

How a Rebrand Opened a Doorway to Fund Feminist Movements

Equality Fund Rebrand


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Equality Fund breaks philanthropic convention to power feminist futures.

Based in Canada, Equality Fund is the second-largest feminist organization moving capital and decision-making power to feminist leaders and organizations worldwide. After launching its groundbreaking annual report, we established a rebranded presence that helps Equality Fund own their voice and position in the landscape of global feminist movements.

What does an invitation to move the world look like?

Deliberate design frames feminist leaders in their own stories.

We distilled this idea of taking and making space into a dynamic graphic device, the portal. Representing a window into a new and brighter future for women, girls and nonbinary people, the portal evokes passages for literal and figurative movement. As an extension of Equality Fund, the portal can frame photographic portraits of grantee partners, add depth and texture as a background for text stories, or stand as part of the brand wordmark.

The portal is deliberately tall, as is the first letter of the wordmark. Our design subverts expectations, using a lowercase “e” to bring commonality, but expanding that “e” to a full uppercase height. The spotlight adds direction and focus—a visual metaphor for how the fund moves resources to illuminate opportunities for partners.

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EF brand guide mockup.jpg

With its new brand expression, Equality Fund is better positioned to empower feminist leaders in its grantee partner communities and within its own organization. Equality Fund staff, whom we interviewed as key stakeholders, reported greater internal alignment, and stronger conviction in external communications. Beyond that, Equality Fund is now inspiring other organizations to reconsider how authentic brand design can shift expectations and outcomes throughout the philanthropic sector.

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“I feel so seen in this work."

— Jess Houssain, Co-CEO

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Philanthropy & Investments
Feminist Movements


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Project Team:

Christina Peña Brower — Partner
Alistair Stephenson — Deputy Chief of Staff
Jennifer Ryder — Strategist
Joseph Huff Hannon — Strategy Director
Isabella Sehringer — Strategist
Jinah Lee — Creative Director
Clarence Kwan — Head of Creative
James Wu — Partner, Strategy
Justin Fulton — Designer
Jina Alhenawi — Designer
Camille Shimshak — Designer

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