A—B is the Identity-Powered Design agency. We create breakthrough insights, creative, and campaigns that help leaders in every sector transform how power works and who it works for.

A—B is the Identity-Powered Design agency. We create breakthrough insights, creative, and campaigns that help leaders in every sector transform how power works and who it works for.

  • Win Black 2020

    Win Black 2020

    A first-of-its-kind campaign operation combating mis- and disinformation targeted at Black and Latinx voters. After securing democratic victories in 2020, Win Black is arming voters with facts for the fights ahead.

  • Black Fahrenheit

    Black Fahrenheit

    A national brand campaign creating and amplifying BIPOC-centered climate content through a partner network of over 50 movement organizations in 13+ states.

  • Equality Fund Rebrand

    Equality Fund Rebrand

    As a funding partner for feminist movements and organizations, Equality Fund’s brand needed to reflect its dynamic mission. Through color, style and photography, we helped them set a new phase in motion.

  • Equality Fund Annual Report

    Equality Fund Annual Report


    A dynamic microsite showcases how Equality Fund moves resources and power to community members and movement leaders by inviting them to guide the grantmaking process.

  • Omidyar Playbook

    Omidyar Playbook


    We developed new, data-proven narratives about who our tax dollars work for, and why, to reframe the conversation about increased federal spending.

  • 1199SEIU for Maya Wiley

    1199SEIU for Maya Wiley

    We worked to mobilize 23,215 1199SEIU NYC members to vote for Maya Wiley in the 2021 Democratic mayoral primary through digital advertising, social content, member outreach, phone and text banking and mailings.

  • A24



    The leading independent entertainment studio has partnered with A—B for a groundbreaking audience analysis and fresh creative expression to better connect with AAPI communities and strengthen film marketing.

  • American Friends Service Committee

    American Friends Service Committee


    We worked closely with the AFSC team to devise a social media strategy that met the urgent needs of the organization during a transitional period.

  • Amnesty International USA

    Amnesty International USA


    An illustrative campaign championing the Black and brown heroes preventing gun violence, and pressuring lawmakers to more deeply support gun violence prevention programs.

  • Beneficial State Foundation

    Beneficial State Foundation


    We developed a narrative book outlining tools, guidelines and examples to clarify to internal and external stakeholders how Beneficial State Foundation and Beneficial State Bank distinguish themselves independently and as a unit.

  • Berkshire Bank

    Berkshire Bank


    We developed a strategic communications plan to leverage Berkshire Bank’s new brand, Reevx Labs, a social impact initiative that places brick and mortar bank branches in neighborhoods where people are commonly underbanked.

  • Black Futures Lab

    Black Futures Lab


    We devised and executed Black Futures Lab's national electoral engagement and political advocacy campaigns like the Black Census Project and Black To The Ballot, and landed coverage for BFL’s Black Census Report in dozens of outlets including The New York Times.

  • Brooklyn Community Foundation

    Brooklyn Community Foundation


    We partnered with BCF to develop a creative communications strategy that elevates the organization’s profile and allows them to grow their influence in Brooklyn and across the country.

  • Climate and Clean Energy Equity Foundation

    Climate and Clean Energy Equity Foundation

    A multi-state campaign operation for climate equity. We craft and test climate-related disinformation ‘counter narratives’ and build movement-based infrastructure by and for leaders of color.

  • Collective Future Fund

    Collective Future Fund


    As a funder for women, trans and non-binary people of color and survivors, Collective Future Fund is working to build a collective future free from sexual harassment and gender based violence.

  • Common Future

    Common Future


    In tandem with the Common Future team, A—B created a new brand for BALLE, a legacy organization that re-focused and highlighted its mission in building economic equality in communities of color.

  • Decolonizing Wealth

    Decolonizing Wealth


    We led a multi-tiered communications strategy to elevate the thought leadership of Edgar Villanueva about compelling alternatives to the dynamics of colonization in the philanthropic and social finance sectors.

  • Doctors of the World

    Doctors of the World


    We helped Doctors of the World launch the Health Education Action Team pilot program which centers the larger problem of structural racism Black, Indigenous, and Latinx mothers in the U.S. face.

  • Economic Security Project

    Economic Security Project

    We developed a strategic campaign, supported media outreach, partnerships and data-driven content development for the Economic Security Project's efforts to drive policy change in the first 100 days of the new administration.

  • Edward Hazen Foundation

    Edward Hazen Foundation


    As Hazen Foundation’s strategic communications partner, we provided executive thought leadership, digital content creation and earned media outreach covering their unique grantmaking process.

  • Energy Foundation

    Energy Foundation


    A Charged Up campaign empowering grassroots climate organizations to take charge of the transition to clean energy sources.

  • Kataly



    For Kataly, grant-making is about restoring BIPoC economies and communities. By expressing that core narrative through a visual identity and website, we helped Kataly lead a philanthropic shift from charity to solidarity.

  • Majority Action

    Majority Action


    Our data-rich, beautifully designed reports and videos help Majority Action increase transparency and accountability in corporate boardrooms. Now, Majority Action is a go-to source for the Wall Street Journal and the U.S. Senate on environmental and social shareholder issues.

  • Million Voters Project

    Million Voters Project

    Working with a coalition of grassroots organizing groups, A—B built a brand new visual and brand identity, influencer outreach campaign, digital strategy, and paid media buy to mobilize and persuade more than 1.5 million California voters of color in 2020 and beyond.

  • More Than A Vote

    More Than A Vote


    We cemented More Than A Vote as a force within the advocacy space by driving deeper engagement with voters, donors, and allies. Through carefully crafted and tested narratives, and movement-based assets, we helped put power in the hands of the Black community while centering MTAV as a powerful collective built by, and for, leaders of color.

  • Mozilla Foundation

    Mozilla Foundation


    We collaborated with Mozilla to build innovative and values-driven products. Our teams share a commitment to open-source, accessible internet for all, civil discourse, human dignity, and individual expression as well as collaborations between diverse communities, geographies and discipline.

  • Nellie Mae

    Nellie Mae


    We created a blueprint for ground-level, progressive strategy to elevate the voices of students most impacted by the Critical Race Theory debate.



    Abortion is freedom. We helped NARAL elevate that research-proven message to reach key audiences in pivotal placements—from the top of their social feeds to the top of Times Square.

  • Perception Strategies

    Perception Strategies


    We’re working with the team of researchers, analysts and strategists at Perception to lift up their breakthrough research on implicit bias, identity anxiety, and stereotype threat, and amplifying their mind science backed interventions across criminal justice, healthcare, media and more.

  • PolicyLink



    Through a clear brand strategy, we positioned PolicyLink to better reach Capitol Hill changemakers and equipped them with the tools to advance racial equity.

  • Propel Capital

    Propel Capital


    Together with Propel, we built out a complete rebrand for a 10-year old impact investor, showcasing their thought leadership and setting up the next decade of impact.

  • Ultraviolet


    We support UltraViolet in their work to fight sexism by holding politicians and thought leaders accountable to all women.

  • United We Dream

    United We Dream


    Across the course of the last three weeks of 2020 general election, A—B, Win Black and United We Dream worked together to rapidly create social, digital, and billboard ads to get Latinx voters to the polls and reinforce that voting by mail is safe and secure.

  • Voter Protection Program

    Voter Protection Program

    Voter Protection Program is a bipartisan organization committed to ending partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression, powered by current and former State Attorneys General, State SoS’ and Governors.

  • Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

    Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

    Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 8.36.12 PM.png

    In a state where powerful corporations have squelched citizen’s hopes for progress, we’re introducing nuanced narratives to shift the tides toward economic, educational and racial equity for all Arkansans.

  • Alloy


    We worked on brand strategy, content marketing, and public relations to grow Alloy’s influence and impact. A–B helped develop the 168 Plymouth Fund for Brooklyn that provided annual grants for local and borough-wide initiatives that foster a thriving, connected neighborhood for all residents of DUMBO and Brooklyn.

  • Amalgamated Foundation

    Amalgamated Foundation

    We devised a brand update, building out the Foundation’s core narrative via deep research into their pre-existing brand, current key-stakeholders, then providing them with a new brand story, messaging framework and updated branding guidelines.

  • Aspen Institute

    Aspen Institute

    We're developing a narrative that connects the importance of job quality to the growth and success of BIPOC small businesses and their employees.

  • B Lab

    B Lab

    We developed a strong institutional communications framework to support B Lab, along with a creative strategy, grounded in earned and digital media, to aggressively drive their target audiences to support Vote Every Day.

  • BlackPAC


    We developed a social media strategy for BlackPAC’s fundraising and strategic efforts, while positioning their CEO, Adrianna Shropshire, as a critical leader in the economic, racial, and political justice debate.

  • Brandeis


    Brandeis University, Collective Future Fund and A—B are collaborating on ongoing research endeavors to uplift survivors of sexual assault.


    A—B is developing a Racial Justice Program that reaffirms and reimagines how empowers people and movements fighting for justice.

  • Color of Change

    Color of Change

    We implemented a cultural scan for the states of Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia. We examined campaign finance, created a landscape analysis of critical race theory by examining campaign finances, opinion attitudes, and implementing media monitoring.

  • Democracy Alliance

    Democracy Alliance

    We created a digital investment strategy to challenge conservative dominance in digital communications and build on the progressive strength in digital organizing.

  • Democracy Fund

    Democracy Fund

    We worked with the Democracy Fund to expand Perception’s influence with target institutions, made the research accessible and approachable and created a series of newsletters with increasing levels of access to research.

  • Drug Policy Alliance

    Drug Policy Alliance

    We developed four clear messaging frameworks to explain how our drug laws impact everyone, not only drug users. A—B conducted rapid content tests to analyze the most effective message in order to develop a communications campaign roll out.

  • Fight Back Table

    Fight Back Table

    We used message frames to build culture war messages across 6 issues: COVID-19, Critical Race Theory/education, voting rights, anti-racism/white supremacy, police accountability/defunding the police and general culture war.

  • Highlander Center

    Highlander Center

    We are creating a brand strategy that builds awareness of social issues and identity, working with the Highlander Center to develop strategies for transformative social change within the Appalachian community.

  • Human Rights Watch

    Human Rights Watch

    We worked with Human Rights Watch to build an innovation lab to grow their influence to new audiences and maximize public engagement efforts.

  • Ifeoma Ozoma

    Ifeoma Ozoma

    A—B is helping public policy specialist Ifeoma Ozoma advance the Silence No More Act to empower workers to change NDA rules and protect whistleblowers.

  • Kashif House

    Kashif House

    A—B is assisting Kashif House, a production company that aims to combine well-told stories with world impact and awareness around today’s most vital issues.

  • Kelly Strayhorn

    Kelly Strayhorn

    We are working with Kelly Strayhorn Theater to make a clear public shift toward talking about the need and desire for ownership, long-term commitment to Black-led institutions, addressing racial wealth disparities, and Pittsburgh reports of “livability.”

  • Langeloth Foundation

    Langeloth Foundation

    We constructed and executed a launch strategy announcing a $10 million investment in civic participation drawn from Langeloth Foundation endowment, built a grantee communications support channel and strategy webinar, and began ongoing grantee communications strategy development and training.

  • LDF


    Building on the 80-year legacy of LDF’s contributions to the law and society and the expansive vision for the future, we’re setting out a path to boldly launch LDF into its next chapter.

  • Liberation Ventures

    Liberation Ventures

    A—B is helping Liberation Ventures develop narratives that build cultural support for reparations policies.

  • Logan Square Neighborhood Association

    Logan Square Neighborhood Association

    Along with LSNA, we worked to bring Black and Brown to life through the lens of “Palenque.” We provided the team with language that integrates this narrative within current priorities and grounds it in a vision for a liberated future.

  • Mijente


    We worked with Mijentee to understand the strategic direction leading into 2020 and support its leadership with the communications expertise needed to help shift the narrative about the Latinx community within existing discourse and critical new narratives.

  • Multitudes Foundation

    Multitudes Foundation

    We are developing a brand for a new foundation, co-funded by Luminate and the Daniel Sachs Foundation, to reimagine politics across Europe.

  • New Media Ventures

    New Media Ventures

    We worked to create a unified voice, consistency, strong points of views and values that resonate with media and key audiences as well as working to amplify NMV voices.

  • Open Society Foundation

    Open Society Foundation

    In partnership with Open Society Foundations, we are bringing new insights to reach key audiences at a scale that rivals the right-wing narrative machine, inorder to create the narrative shift needed to manage the anxieties that Defund the Police causes, especially within communities and color, and demonstrate the power of a new vision for community safety.

  • PushBlack


    A—B is developing a five year brand strategy for PushBlack, a daily communication platform for information and action of Black creatives around the country.

  • Southern Poverty Law Center

    Southern Poverty Law Center

    Facing a critical moment in the organization's history, SPLC partnered with us to review and reset communications goals and strategic imperatives for its 50th anniversary. We designed a comprehensive strategy for the year while leading efforts to build a best-in-class communications infrastructure through workshops and training.

  • Supermajority


    We are steering the brand evolution for Supermajority, a voting advocacy hub focussed on bringing women together as a political force that transcends age, race, and background.

  • Three Point Strategies

    Three Point Strategies

    We worked with 3PS to address the economic inequalities and racial wealth gap to develop a future where people, no matter their race or ethnicity, have the power to live in self-determined communities; owning, transforming and creating economies that best serve their interests.

  • Wellspring


    We worked collaboratively with the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund to reexamine ways their grantees could invest in a stronger communications strategy to uplift grassroots voter engagement efforts.