The choice
I made.

Andre Banks (he / him), Founder and CEO

Andre Banks (he/him),
Founder and CEO


I’ve spent more than 20 years launching and leading organizations. From working to end structural racism in the U.S to challenging the laws and social norms around the world that kill gay and trans people who live openly and love who they choose, I’ve built creative teams that push Black voices, and others too often forced on the margins, to the center of debate.

Whatever industry you find yourself in at this moment, you are likely to find people of principle demanding creativity and accountability. This is particularly true in the creative industries that remain among the most segregated and sexist workplaces on the planet. We are being asked to choose: lead toward a world where white privilege is delegitimized, or maintain broken systems way past their expiration date. The pressure from inside and out to value Black lives and challenge broken institutions is not a PR crisis—it’s a call to leadership.

I made my choice when I started A—B: Change the narrative, rewrite the rules, and transform a broken culture.

I don’t come from money. I didn’t start up with any backers or big corporate clients. But that meant I could build A—B according to a different model. 40% of our team is Black—and over represented at every level from interns to executive team. 80% of the team is people of color. 100% of our team see the fight against white supremacy as their fight.

We prove every day that it is possible to help leaders generate moments of inspiration and leverage those moments into movements and institutions that reimagine and replace the status quo.

We are a team assembled for this future: Leading political operatives, movement leaders, technologists, creatives, business strategists and analysts. Together with our partners and clients we are building for a future that refuses to replace failed systems of privilege with higher tech versions of the same.

And for each of us, it’s personal.

Taking that first crucial step to lead with creativity and accountability is up to you. You’ve read this far, so my guess is you’re on that path. If in the course of that journey you need a partner to help write your version of a future far better than the one we inherited, that’s our beat.

Ready to build a better future? You’re in good company.